Selborne Schools Charity (SSC)

The Selborne Foundation Trust have established a registered Charitable Trust in the UK, under the UK Gift Aid Scheme which has a two fold function -

1) It ensures tax breaks for persons making donations to Selborne;

2) The UK government then ADDS up to a further 25% of all money raised to the Charity.

All benefactors, who are UK tax payers, making donations to this Trust, known as the SELBORNE SCHOOLS CHARITY (SSC) , will be able to reclaim tax on this donation because the money donated is in essence AFTER tax money.

The principle is that Her Majesty's Revenue & Customs (HMRC) creates the opportunity for donors to make a donation to a registered Charity from BEFORE tax money by being able to recover the tax that was paid on that amount of money that has been donated.

In ADDITION to this, HMRC will then ADD 20% to the donations made, which allows these registered Charities to generate additional income from the UK's Gift Aid Scheme of a further 25% to all monies raised.

To emphasise : The Gift Aid Scheme is for gifts or sponsorships of money made by individuals who pay UK tax.  It not only allows the donor to RECOVER tax already paid but creates an opportunity for the Charity to GEAR up the donation by 25%.



The donor needs to complete a Gift Aid declaration, which we supply, when making the donation.

A gift aid declaration must include :

  • The donor's full name
  • The donor's home address
  • Details of the donation, and stating that it is a Gift Aid donation

The Gift Aid scheme provides a value-added benefit to Selborne by leveraging every UK donation without the donor incurring any extra cost or significant effort.

The banking details for the Selborne School Charity is :

Barclays Bank

Branch code : 20-03-84

Account number : 13232980

Account holder : Selborne Schools Charity

Reference : Your surname and year you left Selborne

Please contact Vicki Gardner by email on or +27 (0) 43 722 0125 should you have any queries.