Foundation House

In 2010 the idea of a dedicated fund-raising entity for Selborne was mooted, and this led to the launching of the Legacy Project at Founders Day in 2011.  This was a three year project with two specific objectives :

              1) to raise funds for specifically needed capital projects

              2) to give birth to the Selborne Foundation Trust

The "credo" of the Selborne Foundation Trust (SFT) is  :

" As Old Boys still proud of the Black and White we are committed to giving back to our schools to ensure that Selbornians for generations to come are equipped with everything they they need to be effective men in the world they enter into".

This crisply defines the purpose of the Selborne Foundation Trust.

As the dedicated fund-raising entity of Selborne, the SFT works closely with all other entities and bodies of the schools to ensure there is no duplication of scarce resources to ensure maximum accessibility to and development of all forms of third stream funding for the schools.

The Whippet Trust and the Greyhound Trust, together with the Old Selbornian Association agreed to participate in the establishment of the SFT for the benefit ultimate of the Selborne Schools through their respective Trusts, and to do all things necessary to ensure its success.

In 2014 the SFT staff moved into Foundation House situated at 4 Dawson Road, across the road from the main rugby field at Selborne College.  The property had been purchased thanks to the kind contribution of a generous Old Selbornian, together with funds raised by the Old Selbornian Association.  The conversion of the house into a suite of offices, complete with a state of the art boardroom, was made possible thanks to the contributions made in cash and kind by a number of Old Selbornians.

In 2022 Selborne will be celebrating its 150 jubilee year.  With that in mind, the SFT will be at the forefront of raising funds to establish a Jubilee Fund.  The aim is to raise a large enough capital sum that will generate a steady source of income to the Selborne Schools for their continued growth and development into the future without eroding the capital value of the Fund.